Five lighting shops in one street

Great design feels at home in Kammenstraat in Antwerp. Alongside tens of fashion boutiques, you will find our 4 lighting shops.

Ace Projects

Ace Projects

Ace Projects

Five shops, one philosophy: helping you to find the perfect lighting for your living space or office. The journey starts with your story. We listen to what you really want and help you find what you love. That’s how we gradually find the right solution for your project.

Want to install the lighting yourself? Then we will provide you with all of the documentation you need. We also have all kinds of accessories and technical components in stock to set you on the right path.

Prefer to leave it up to us to install it? Then we will send our electrician out to you. He will make an appointment and install the lighting in line with the art, in just the place you have in mind.

Got more specific questions? Need a bit of advice? Then come in to one of our shops. We’d be pleased to help!

Moser Systemelektrik

Besides these services, ACE Service also supplies the range of Moser Systemelektrik, for which we are the exclusive distributor in Belgium.

The main product concerns the Retractable Supply Post, a “connection column” that is sunk into the ground and used for power, data interfacing, water, etc. .., which can be transported above ground with a few turns of the crank and therefore allows flexible working. An efficient and beautiful way to provide various utilities on public squares, production and assembly halls. This product is fully assembled as required and in cooperation with our regular partners built underground.

We’ve installed The Retractable Supply Post throughout Flanders on market places, such as the Grand Place and St. Jan’s Square in Antwerp, the marketplaces in Leuven, Veurne, … They provide the entire square of utilities without interfering the path of vehicles.


Kammenstraat 78
2000 Antwerp
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