Five lighting shops in one street

Great design feels at home in Kammenstraat in Antwerp. Alongside tens of fashion boutiques, you will find our 4 lighting shops.

Five lighting shops in one street?

We have consciously opted not to gather our entire collection into one shopping space or showroom, because our unique collection of designer lamps and fittings is much better placed within specially designed spaces. That is why we give our most valued designers their own showcase. It means you are better placed to decide whether the lighting you love so much will really suit your living space or office.

Our five shops are located close together, amongst the most up-to-date and surprising fashion boutiques in the city. Relish taking in all of the ideas around you and make your choice at leisure (there is also a fantastic coffee bar close by that is perfect for doing just that).



Our prices are webshop matched

Almost all of our products are available online, in various webshops. Nevertheless, we believe that you are better off after a visit to our stores. Because in our stores you'll get personal advice and guidance of professionals in purchasing the proper lighting. And you don't pay a penny more, our prices are webshop matched.
(only displayed prices of Belgian stores at time of purchase are valid)
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