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Twice as Twiggy (blue) – Foscarini

Designed by Marc Sadler and based on the flexibility of a fishing rod, Twiggy has become an icon of contemporary design. Twiggy is released in an “oversized” version called Twice as Twiggy: an impressively large lamp with the same look and flexibility of the original design. The shade – large but extremely light – is balanced by the large sized base. A system of counterweights makes it possible to choose the height of the shade, equipped with 2 LED circuits to adjust the light for different situations with a dual effect: downward direct and upward diffused. Twice as Twiggy is particularly suitable to large rooms thanks to its important sizes.

€ 2897,00 € 1700,00

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2378_TWICE AS TWIGGY_suspension_indaco_set
2403_TWICE AS TWIGGY_suspension_indaco
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