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Etch Pendant Mini 15cm (Copper) – Tom Dixon

The Etch mini pendant in Copper has a diameter of 15cm.

Inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, the Etch range is a series of geodesic structures made of razor thin digitally etched metal sheets. The series contains pendant lights and tea lights. They all feature a detailed pattern which casts a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Display individually or cluster together to dramatic effect.

Etch plays with repeated patterns, the reflection of light and casting of dramatic geometric shadows. Each item is precision engineered using a high tech manufacturing technique used to produce electronic products, including circuit boards. The method allows for intricate detailed patterns to be cut directly onto the trio of metallics and the panels are then hand assembled into a lightweight construction.

Etch contains pendants in 15cm and 32cm and 50 cm with a different finish. Check our online shop or offline shops in Antwerp for all the options.


Etch Mini Pendant with boxes
tom-dixon-etch-tom-dixon-mini-pendant-td-etsm01beu-size-detail (1)
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