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Delft Blue Plate Carpet – Moooi Carpets

Inspired by Marcel’s signature Delft Blue, this carpet is a remake of an Moooi’s original MW carpet for moooi. The original art design was hand-painted on a ceramic plate. The carpet has a diameter of 250cm.

The Dutch brand Moooi has conquered its place in our ACE shop with their beautiful lights. Now we are expanding our Moooi product line: next to the lighting and furniture of Moooi, we now unroll the Moooi carpets on our shop floor. The eye-catching designs will strike.

The Signature Carpets come in a colorful, artistic family of ornamental carpets to fall in love with in a heartbeat. With their strong personality, they determine the look and feel of their surroundings. With their surreal, eye-catching designs they convey a sense of depth, intensity and motion, engaging the enchanted.


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