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Chapo chrome (with usb socket) – Flos

Designed by Philippe Starck in 2014 for Flos.

"When Alec Guinness, James Stewart and Fred Astaire got home in the evening, with a sharp and elegant gesture they would throw their hat onto anything within reach. So why not a lamp?" is wat designer Philippe Starck was thinking when he created this lamp.

Throwing one’s hat onto a stand is a seductive and slightly swankering masculine gesture from bygone times. It has an irreverent and retro charm reminiscent of a cinematographic image that is an inescapable part of our visual baggage. All this underlies the Chapo table lamp, a playful gesture that becomes a three-dimensional and theatrical object, a lamp whose style, character and shape can change depending on the hat that is placed on top of it.

Table lamp providing direct light and has an integrated LED light. This lamp has a dimmable base with "Soft Touch” technology and a usb socket on the base that enables you to recharge the most common smartphones and tablets (max 1.5A).

€ 368,00 € 313,00

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