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Spotlight on: The Czech Brokis

This time in the spotlight: Brokis. This Czech lighting brand has achieved international acclaim and won numerous awards in prestigious national and international design competitions. The company combines handblown glass with other refined materials, such as wood and manually pressed metal, in bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. Brokis stands for the synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans.

Brokis is founded in 2006 by the Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell. He founded the brand Brokis as a platform to enliven and elevate Bohemian glassmaking to new heights and preserve generations of knowledge and craftsmanship. Demand for traditional products had declined significantly, many of the glassmakers were growing old and leaving, and time-honoured technologies and techniques were at risk of being lost. Today, we see a succesful Brokis with beatiful design, sold in 70 different countries.

ACE offers all the different Brokis products and helps you personalize your design completely. Most Brokis designs are available in different combinations and materials.

At the ACE showroom you can find a few examples of combinations and see the effects of it on the light. You are welcome to come by and check out the outstanding quality of Brokis.

Brokis Balloons (18)-2013-1003114729
Brokis Balloons (19)-2014-0616220221
Brokis Shadows (5)-2013-1003114406
Capsula Brokis 2014_LK 01-2014-1017153857
Whistle_Lucie Koldova Brokis-2014-1017155239
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