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Novelties at Seletti!

Seletti is established in 1964 in Cicognara, Mantova. The company has pursued its mission of making the most of professionalism, service and above all an endless product research, striving for improvement, innovation and originality. Is there an eyecatcher missing in your interior? Then we recommend you to take a look at the new collection of Seletti on our website. From crazy monkeys to neon art, there’s something for everyone!

Monkey lamp

This monkey family brings a funky touch to your interior. There are four different models to choose from – a sitting (black, white) and standing one (black, white), and two to hang on the wall or on a rope (black, white). The available colors black and white give the lamp a modern look. The black monkey is suitable for outdoor use as well.



Mouse lamp

Seletti continues the animal story by introducing the mouse lamp. It seems as if the mice are carrying the light to you. These lamps are available in three different models (standing, sitting and lying). The small size makes the lamp ideal as mood lighting on a side table or as a night light.

Industry collection

The classic garden furniture in iron, decorated with flowers and curly motives is the architype and the source of inspiration for this remake design by Seletti. This collaboration with Studio Job has given the classic a new outstanding design that the designers themselves call Rock ‘n Roll!. The original pattern has been replaced by extraordinary figures such as gasmasks, butterflies, tea cups etc. The furniture is made out of aluminum with a matte finish, and therefore besides indoors it can be used outdoors too. This unique garden furniture is certainly a show off for both sunny and rainy days.


Looking for a nice slogan for in your living- or bedroom? Then is this Neon-art collection definitely something for you! You can either make a sentence, word or even a whole text yourself. All the letters are available together with other symbols.


These bold letters are an outstanding element for your interior. As its name suggests, these letters remind you of Las Vegas. As initials or together as a word you can make your own statement in your home. The letters can be hung on the wall or placed standing on the floor.


The smaller brother of the Vegaz-letters is the Caractere series. Looks great on the wall or standing on a surface. The Caractere may be smaller than the Vegaz series but certainly has got as much character. Made out of metal and having a glaze finish the result is definitely more of a luxurious type.

Banana lamp

Besides the nice animal lights, Seletti also made a collection of lights in the shape of a banana. With its gold shiny finish and elegant shape, these lamp really becomes a piece of art in every interior. Its available in 3 different models with each its own name: Louie, Dewey and Huey.


Wunderkammer is a visionary collection of Diesel Living for Seletti, consisting of a bone, a human and a wolf skull and a snake. With these chrome and gold sculptures, you give character to your home, whether you place them together or separately.


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