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New at ACE: Light Book

Now for sale at ACE: The beautiful design by Pascale De Backer. Since 2017 part of the permanent collection of the Design Museum in Gent. Now available at ACE.

The Light Book is a reading lamp. You can open and close Light Book like a real book and position it horizontal or vertical. Light Book is made of 5 acrylic pages, 6 mm, with LED lights. You can dim the light. The cover is made in black linen. Light Book is a small, precious lighting object that can light your space, gifting it with a surprisingly different, poetic dimension.

Designer Pascale De Backer about her design: ” The idea of Light Book arose some years ago. Since I was a child, I had always been surrounded and fascinated by books,  because they could absorb me into another world. There are always laying some books next to me when I fall asleep or on my night table. A book is a strong, silent presence that invites you to open it to discover the mysteries inside… What then is more beautiful than a light in the dark coming from a door which opens on the Realm of Dreams?…That is how arose the idea of making a Light Book. I wanted to bring light into the books and to attract people to look inside… ” 

Light Book 5
Light Book 1
Light Book 2
Light Book 3
Light Book 4
Light Book Dimensions
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