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New at ACE: Bocci showroomcorner

Starting this week, Bocci has its own showroomcorner in the ACE store. The striking lights of Bocci are unique because of the custom made designs. Each light is customized to the wishes of the customer to fit the room perfectly. Bocci not only makes design pieces, it is art.

In our new Bocci showroomcorner you can see different versions of the 28 series. De 28 series consists of glass spheres which results from an innovative fabrication process that manipulates both the temperature and the direction of air flow into blown glass. The spheres can be composed in clusters or suspended using coaxial cable and composed in ambient groupings.

Ace is proud to be a distributer of Bocci. We can help you find an original solution to fit every room.

Bocci 28.7 clusterlamp
Bocci Clusterlamp white + Neongreen
Bocci lampen + verschillende kleuren
Bocci Standard plaat +naast elkaar opgehangen
Bocci colors
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