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May 8th: Day of the sun

Today is the day of the sun. At ACE, we embrace this day of light. Because with a little sunshine, the world starts shining more. The sun is an inspiration to many lighting designs. Today we share these with you and wish you the brightest of days.

Here Comes The Sun – DCW

This design by Bertrand Balas of 1970 plays with light. At first sight, this round lamp looks like many other round lamps. But the Here Comes the Sun becomes magic when the light is on. Depending on your mood, you feel the sun rising, the sunlight or the moonlight. Available in varied colors and sizes.


Lederam – Catallani & Smith

This elegant light can be placed at walls or ceilings. The concept of thin discs with a golden finish provides a very elegant and warm light. The little sun is adjustable in all directions.




























Macchina della luce – Catellani & Smith

This pendant contains three discs with a diameter of 80, 50 and 30 cm. The golden light of the sun and of fire, provides a warm light in which the concept of refraction starts to take shape.


Soleil Noir – Luceplan

The ‘Black sun’ by Luceplan is not only available in black, also in white. The light is more optimistic than its name does suggest. The design is perfectly balanced notwithstanding its futuristic asymmetric shape. The light is 1200 x 625 mm and available as pendant or ceiling light.


Copernico – Artemide

Not literally a translation of the sun, but an elegant display of our galaxy. The Copernico has several LED lights and is completely adjustable to the composition you prefer.



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