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Flos Superloon: The moon into your livingroom

Our new FLOS flagship store now displays the Superloon by Jasper Morrison. This minimalistic light brings the moon into your living room and provides a beautiful changing light in different directions.

The modern translation of the Fortuny by Palucco spreads a diffuse light. Not only the direction of the light is adjustable, also the light intensity and light temperature change. The Superloon has been selected design musthave by many magazines and websites. A ring of LEDs send light sideways into the edge of a flat disc of translucent white material.

This beautiful appearance shines in our FLOS flagship store, which is completely renewed in January this year. Come visit our ACE shop to watch the moonlight close by.

superloon dett nero 01
superloon dett nero 02
superloon dett nero 03
superloon dett nero 04
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