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Introducing the new collection of Foscarini

New colours, surprising designs and well thought-out concepts define the new collection of Foscarini.


The Aplomb lamp is the perfect solution if you are looking for a lamp with character. With its explicit concrete look, this lamp creates the perfect statement in every interior. There is chosen for colours that would bring out its strong presence and its typical irregular surface. Together with the designers, Foscarini has developed new chromatic variants (brick red, sand yellow & olive green) that complete the available palette.


Filo comes from the desire to display the individual parts of a lamp. Decoration plays a fundamental role, incorporating elements that are not traditionally considered decorative. Bulbs of glass take their place on the cord of the lamp, transforming it into the archetype of a necklace. A wide range of colours enlivens the lamp with multiple identities, making it possible to insert the lamp in a very wide range of settings.


Satellight reminds you of the moon in the night sky or a fragment of light that flies, seeking freedom. With its simple but original and profound shape, the lamp creates a poetic lightness, that goes straight to the heart. As well the diffuser as the transparent body consists of handcrafted blown glass. Available as table lamp or pendant.

Satellight Table(touch dimmer) – Foscarini

Satellight suspension- Foscarini

Le Soleil

With this lamp of Vicente Garcia, you literally bring the sun into your house. Irregular bands, large in size but visually light when on, create a sphere similar to sunbeams glimpsed through a clowd. The light source is decorative and illuminating at the same time, with the plus of a beam of light projected downward. Le Soleil was already available in white, red and aquamarine but now also comes in an original copper and bronze finish.


Spokes is a lamp based on observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel, with a lighting concept that plays with the contrast between full and empty, inside and outside, shadow and light. Today the Spokes range includes metallized colours (copper & graphite) that transform the presence of Spokes and open up a world of decor possibilities.




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