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ACE wishes you a happy Easter

Easter has arrived! The spring holiday where a good breakfast, flowers and eggs are the key to a good day. This year again, we search for eggs, eat too much and enjoy. Every family with its own traditions. At ACE we do enjoy an egg or two and let us get inspired by happy designs, all can be ordered at ACE. We at ACE wish you a very happy Easter!

FollowMe – Marset

Searching for hidden eggs is even more fun with this little wireless light by Marset. The light can be used indoor as well as outdoor and is rechargeable with an USB cable.

Restore Baskets – Muuto

All Easter decorations and collected eggs can be easily organized and stored in the baskets by Muuto. They come in three different sizes and a lot of different colors. The baskets are very light in weight and of good quality.

Form Teapot – Tom Dixon

An Easter breakfast without a hot cup of coffee or tea is not complete. With the Form tea set by Tom Dixon a proper cup of tea is easily made and kept hot. This stylish set completes the ritual of making and drinking tea. The products are sold separately.




Form set of bowls – Tom Dixon

All that is presented on the Form bowls by Tom Dixon becomes beautiful. This elegant bowls in brass give you Easter a golden touch. The set contains five handmade bowls and exists in a small and large version.

Fly Chair – & Tradition

After a day full of searching, finding and eating it is good to take a rest. The Fly Chair by &Tradition offers a stylish and comfortableplace to take a rest. The chair is made of solid oak with an oil to protect the wood and to emphasize the wooden structure. The soft pillows give comfort and have a nice touch. A very deserved seat for all Easter participants. Now available at our showroom.

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