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ACE suggestions: Gift ideas for communicants

April and May brings the time for communion in Belgium. A momentous time for not only the children doing their first communion, also for the rest of the family. It is a festivity where a fitting present is more than a pleasant surprise. At ACE, we are happy to give some festive suggestions.


Lamzac – Fatboy (€ 74 – € 84)

The Lamzac comes in several flashing colors and is easily stored in the small backpack. Fill the Lamzac with a big breath of fresh air and close it off. Perfect to bring to your backyard, the park, the beach or actually… anywhere.



Desk Light Anglepoise (from € 186)

Anglepoise already decorated a lot of desks with this known and characteristic design. The classic shape remains timeless. The Original and Type 75 are available in varied colors and combinations.



Led  garland (RGB € 125)

In a festive environment, this light garland with LED lights provides the perfect atmosphere. When pleasant weather strikes your backyard, all you need for a perfect day is this colored light garland. Also available with additional transparent lights in warm white (€299 per set).




Pendant Heavy Metal – Buster & Punch

The sturdy lights by Buster & Punch are available in different combinations. The sockets come in Matt Black, Steel, Smoked Bronze, Copper and Brass and can be combined with the LED lights in Chrystal, Gold, or Smoked.





Lucellino Wall – Ingo Maurer

This flying light is an icon. Lucellino is a wordplay, a combination of the Italian words “uccellino” (little bird) and “luce” (light). The round cover plate has a diameter of 15 cm. This light has no cable and is installed on the wall.




Edison Petit – Fatboy (€ 64)

The wireless Edison light by Fatboy is an addition to each outdoor table. Easily recharged with a USB cable. Fully charged the Edison works for six to twenty-four hours. Can be used to lighten up the backyard, but also to find your bed and read a little more.




Cube Pen or Cog Pen – Tom Dixon (€ 65 – € 75)

With these stylish pens writing properly is easy. The solid brass pens are a delight to use. In two different versions available in our store but part of a large stationary product range by Tom Dixon.







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